Our Approach


It is crucial to the success and development of your business that your people understand their role, how it effects the other departments and how to work together to achieve maximum production for the dealership.


Whether the individual has one day or twenty years of experience the goal is to enhance their skills allowing them to bring more value to the team and increase their performance.


Each member of the team is responsible to each other for their performance and production. As well as the coaches are responsible to the team for delivering on their commitments and expectations.


Allows for a third party non-biased assessment of skills and performance that can identify blind spots and help create a plan for improvement. We all have blind spots, having someone to give insightful feedback will allow for improvement and growth.


There is a vast difference between “training” people and “coaching” them. Too often individuals that need coaching are subjected to training. By using the wrong technique, it creates an environment that is counter productive and combative. The opposite also holds true when we try to coach someone who needs to be trained the same result of confrontation and frustration will happen.

It is critical that we ask why would an individual who stands to gain immensely from improved production not be excited and open to this opportunity? At some point we must question the process instead of blaming the individual.

Training Vs Coaching
Transfer Knowledge Enhance Knowledge
Most often group setting Usually 1-1
Frequently off site Usually on the job
Often for new hires More often with experienced employees
Usually structured Usually unstructured
Formal Informal, conversational
Depends on telling Depends on asking
Learning focused Development focused

The above chart gives an opportunity to define which type of approach is best for the person and apply the proper techniques. By creating the proper environment, we create a higher chance for success, we form a collaborative effort committed to the goals of the team.